Saturday, June 27

"Stripped Teas"

Some summer simplicities just aren't such. I have warm memories of my Nana making her Sun Tea on the dock of our lake house each summer and enjoying the Vitamin C enriched iced tea that was slow brewed by the sun's energy. Well when "google-ing" the directions to rrefresh my memory for a fun activity for Jackson and I to prepare, I learned that making your tea in the Sun can be a dangerous as it harbors bacteria. Finding the balance between the old "it didn't hurt you" and "my kids live in a bubble" argument that I often have with my own parents, I decided to find a compromise and wanted to share my tips for making safer Sun Tea:
- Wash with warm soapy water before use (Duh!)
- Best not to use a jar with a spigot as they are difficult to clean
- Though it takes the fun out a bit, boiling the tea for 3-4 minutes prior to is suggested, as this is what ensure the bacteria strands don't develop
- Do not use herbal teas, only leave in sun for 3-4 hours, and refrigerate directly
after drinking within 3 days.

My husband LOVES tea (unsweet) and enjoyed this Tea we made, sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy!

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