Sunday, June 1

"Carried Away" - Sex and the City Premier Weekend!!

So, we certainly got "Carried Away" this weekend as the long awaited movie Premiered. After a matinee with my mom and totally obsessed sister on Friday, I joined my gorgeous fab gal pals (above) and headed to Orlando in our limo for the VIP pre-party at Neiman Marcus, hosted by Girls Getaway Guide author, Casey Wohl. Next we were on to the main event at City Walk for a packed theatre complete with cosmos. On Saturday night, mom, sis and I decided to *sneak* out after the boys were down for the late movie at 10:30 to get Carried away one more time... the fashion alone is to die for, and you really have to see it more than once to catch each fabulous piece. The lengthy movie is everything you want it to be, romance, and suprises, tears, and joy and the best of NYC, and the couture is a fashionist'as dream... inspired, I will be burning up the motor on my old singer this week for sure!
Every year in during our girls shopping trip to NYC, we pick on splurge item - i think we all remember the LV's of 2005!! During our trip this year I bought these fabulous boots at Bergdorf's ... I WAS THRILLED WHEN WE NOTICED CARRIE WORE THEM IN THE MOVIE!! ... What can I say - i taught her everything she knows ! hahah below, we are sitting on the steps of Carrie's brownstone -

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