Monday, August 4

Steeling the Thunder...

As you know, the Heimer Household is a competitive place, so it was no suprise when Justin had to one up me and steal the spotlight this weekend as he took home the (really large and beautiful! thanks BHN) trophy for the Polk County Amatuer at our home course at LRYCC. Of course, that was my favorite part as it made the spectator cart accessible and the cockatils abundant! Justin was a birdie-making machine and won the tournament by a significant margin (I am cautious when posting sports stats as it is not be strong suite). LR's "A" Team (Radocha, Heimer, Saterbo & Saterbo pictured below) also won this weekend! A special thank you to Brighthouse Networks, event sponsor and Justin's personal photographer (LOL) Leslie McCutchin, official event paparazzi. Full story and video highlights of the weekend, visit

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