Friday, August 15

"Big School" Preparations

Preparing for "back to school" is quite intimidating, for Mommy! Jackson starts the 1st grade on Monday, which I can barely say out loud without tears welling up. He is so excited and we have some (ok one half) of an AR Point - which we had to really work for!! Grace Lutheran requires the teachers to conduct a "home visit"- not to worry, Thank God for Gran-Nan :-) Myself, along with about 100 other mommies hit up Staples yesterday for the VERY precise list of school supplies and Jackson was so proud to pack them just so, in his backpack. Today, was our open house and we got to see his classroom, big boy desk and classmates. I am so excited for him. His desk is in the very front row. I am going to love Mrs. Aceto, I can already tell!

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