Thursday, August 28

Speaking Engagements

Another whirlwind week, as the activities of school are in full swing and I gear up for my JL year, I had the pleasure to share a little of "me" with a great group. My friend, Angela Newell, Event Coordinator for Cypress Gardens & Owner of Sunshine Celebrations, asked me to give a speech to the Central Florida Wedding and Event Professionals at their luncheon on Tuesday. I was super excited, as you can imagine, but for some reason when I told Justin the topic of my speech he almost fell over laughing! The Work/Life Balance?... what's so funny about the implication that I may have (somewhat) mastered that!!?? My speech should have been 1 word, 2 syllables ... Gran-Nan. For integrity's sake I had to believe in my message that went something like this:
M- management, multi-taksing, etc Y- you, make time for you, etc T- Time, time management skills, etc H- Home, most important, quality not quantity, etc. M.Y.T.H.The idea that one can achieve a daily work like balance is a myth!
The following morning, Town & Country Realty asked me to hold an informative workshop on their office regarding Short Sales & the RE market. Check out my company's blog and learn all about mastering this unique transaction. What a week!

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