Monday, August 25

ahhh.. to be 6 again!

I guess I should not have been suprised when Jackson did not need/want us to come and pick him up on Saturday night when he stayed with his new bud, Jackson Morris. While my kids are not sheltered from new surroundings and often wake up in a different place, I thought Jackson might have the "tuck me in" blues and need mommy when it was time for bed. NSM (not so much)... he had a wonderful time (and the Morris' survved too, at least the house was still standing!) These 2 Jacksons are histerical together - both dramatic, outgoing, and very talkative (not sure where they get that from). My best friend all throughout childhood also had the same name, and I must say there is a special bond! The other "J" practiced for his upcoming tournament... thats right 54 holes this weekend - but we did enjoy a little Texas Hold Em with the folks while my sister and I re-organized my mom's "master wing"! On Sunday, JL President-Elect, Wendy, and I were the attending Delegates at the State Public Affairs Conference held in the Orlando Museum of Art. We were both inpspired and are excited about the new advocacy arm of our League. One bill we both felt passionate about protected and provided additional assistance for the Youth Caregivers, these young people carry such a burden at a young age. I thought about our Jacksons, being kids, enjoying their carefree childhood and how fortunate I feel that my families are healthy. What a wonderful life I am blessed with.

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