Sunday, August 10

Weekend of Memories!

Our FMHA event was tons of fun and a wonderfully bonding weekend for our team and families. Mom and I played hours of tennis, and our Golf team did take home first place and we enjoyed getting to know our fill in fourth, Terrance Barber. At the grand finale event featuring the Synposiam, was probably the highlight for all of us. This band is, by far, the best I have seen and each year they wow us all! Of course, my dance background combined with the martini bar makes it simply impossible to contain my eurythmic energy! We danced the night away, and (post Kids' Club) Dane was such a crowd pleaser, with his dancing despite his 18 months, that the band brought him on stage! Once they played "We are Family" the Premier team certainly embraced the moment for an evening none of us will ever forget - MoHo's are rockstars! After 2 nights in Tampa, we set the alarm for an early morning and arrived in Gainesville around 8am with props and banners in hand to celebrate my sisters graduation. A tearful entourage of friends and family, the visible pride of my father (and his tears)... Luder and I weren't sure if it was because both of his daughters have now graduated from UF, or just the fact that both of his daughters have now graduated!!! A perfectly planned and logistically laid-out luncheon followed the morning graduation with a champagne toast and a touching slideshow. Now on to vet school for my sister, she truly is my hero. My other hero, my hubby, graciously took the backstage today, despite his bday. We all got our second (actually like 20th wind after the whirlwind of the past 3 days!!!) wind and planned a small suprise birthday cocktail hour at the hotel pool, for J's present opening with the fam, we then went to dinner at his fav resturant with sushi and japense steak house. Finally, today... WE ARE HOME!

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