Friday, March 13

Tuga's Tooth

(We call him Tuga - long(er) story). After complaining that his tooth was hurting for a couple days we inspected his mouth and decided it was the funny feeling that preceeds a loose tooth. On day 3, he was in increasing pain and every teary so we called Dr. Odom and he came in at 7:30 am to inspect. Well, my little angel has his first CAVITY!! I was horrified. I am blessed with good teeth, so you can imagine my suprise. I definately think teeth and gum health are genetic, since we practice very good oral hygiene in our home. However, I think we will lay off the favorite dessert of yogurt with granola in the evenings. Jackson is certainly taking his tim ebrushing each morning and night now and jumps around signing "have a healthy snack to attack the plaque!"

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