Sunday, May 17

The coveted 100 point club!

The Accelerated Reader program has been quite a learning curve for mom this 1st grade year. Research, read, test, repeat. Jackson and I switched into overdrive the last 3 weeks spending an hour at the library almost every day. As of April we only had 60+ points, and since this has been our goal all year, I simply couldn't use the "we are too busy" excuse/reason any longer. The guilt of being a working Mommy restricts me from allowing my student to be anything less than his full potential. He loves to read and was diligent and determined in this goal. I am not exaggerating when I say we all had tears in our eyes when we saw those 100 points finally appear on the screen. Jackson and Brianna are the only 1st graders this year to reach this lofty goal which is equivalent to about 200 books (unless you read those that aren't AR like we did about 10 times before we got the hang of it!) This summer, we are going to get started early.

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