Thursday, May 14

absence makes the heart grow fonder

ugh... that is one of those nice-isms that people say to make you feel better, though totally untrue. Sort of like the one about it being good luck if it rains on your wedding day! (it was a Monsoon on our big day!) None the less, my heart and soul ached for our Justin and Friday night Dane and I flew up to the big MD for an incredible wedding with our family to the North and of course some QT with Dad. We had a wonderful and packed weekend with a gorgeous wedding on Saturday where Justin's cousin Josh and new Bride Erin exchanged vows. I just love wedding, what a wonderful way to spend a day. Celebrating all that it is to be in love and a family and to reinforce the values of commitment, dedication and passion. With a whirlwind of emotions lately, Justin and I not only cried, but were like newlyweds ourselves and could take our eyes off each other! Then of course, my SIL and cousins danced the night away like the rockstars we are!

Of course Dane and I were so excited to see Daddy, and we raced through security to our gate only to find our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours... ugh - i had perfectly planned Dane's dinner and nap to contain him... now what? You guessed it; Ice Cream, i gave up on keeping him clean and adorable - "da-da" knows and loved him a sticky mess even more!

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