Thursday, June 16

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

It's kind of a hit or miss with my A & A Sydney inspired postings, but today seemed to fit.  These cute shoes are the only thing that got me through the day - the certainly didn't visit my desktop long. 

  • Sitting in a Strategic Growth Meeting with a bunch of powersuits and feeling totally out of my league (so much to learn in my new position).  I think I contributed 1 time with a total of 7 words in 1.5 hours...yeah, lame!
  • The fact that my last Awkward and Awesome post taught me that I have misspelled awkward since the 2nd grade. really? 2 w's? who knew?
  • Writing 5:30 on my son's preschool sign-in sheet knowing full well that is was 5:31pm (1 minute late will cost you a cool $30).  I hate being THAT mom!
  • Doing the mental rundown of the wine rack, at home, from my office at 3:30...yep, it was that kind of day. The kind where your clients calls you in for a creative brainstorming meeting at 4:45pm (hence the tiny white lie above).
  • Just realizing that if my boss, preschool director, or 2nd grade teacher follow my blog, [which I am so certain they do religiously] I may have some 'splainin to do!
  • My beautiful deck... with flowers blooming...overlooking the pond... and #16's sunset  
  • This fragrant Layer Cake Primivito that I is helping me author this post :)
  • A just-around-the-corner Friday/Shortday that I will be making up some quality time with that last standing preschool kiddo.
  • Snagging a deal on a new Lacoste watch for the hubs Father's Day present, and actually ordering in time to avoid rush shipping charges (are you getting the sense that I am always behind schedule - yeah you're sensing right.)
  • My Drunk Kitchen new Episode #8.  If you haven't experience the gourmet techniques of Ms. Harto yet, tune in for some delish humor-and a personally oddly familiar scene-

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