Tuesday, June 21

Cheetah  print pencil skirt: JCP
Patent leather red shoes: Macy's
Silk white button up: INC
Bangeled necklace: Lia Sophia

Notice how some days (not usually Mondays) you feel more alert, focused, and productive?  I love those days!  This morning I woke up early to practice my Yoga which was followed by 2 kids eager to hop out of bed with the excitment of the 1st day of camp.  Lunches made, backpacks ready, and a sweet note from the husband wishing us a good day. The husband leaves a little after the sun comes up, poor guy.  Luckily, he gets to come home to this cougar in cheetah print!  (tee hee- i do crack myself up!) 
Heres to a productive Tuesday!

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