Tuesday, February 23

Skiing with Pearls on...

What a fun winter vacay this weekend.  We headed up to our family's condo in the beautiful Virginia mountains at Massanutten Resort . Night skiing, day skiing, snowboarding, tubing, even enjoyed the water in the indoor park and... (of course) spa when it was time to warm up!  We had a fabulous time and I was very proud of Jackson for accomplishing the bunny slopes on his snow board after his first snow boarding lesson, and Dane who was ready to go sledding and zoom down the hill with mom on the tubes!!

My favorite part about skiing aren't the blue slopes I conquered, but the classic look of the ski attire and the trendy urban flair geared for the extreme athlete.  I love my Spyder gear...no doubt it cushioned my wipe outs on the moguls!

and... yes, I really did go tubing with my long strand pearls on...
all that puffiness needed a little GLAM! What's a girl to do?!

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