Sunday, February 15

A little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll

Cowboy boots...check. Jeans...check. Blinged out Belt Buckle...check!

Variety is the spice of life and as one of my girlfriend's pointed out, it takes a special kind to enjoy a little dirt under your finger nails one minute, and glam it up the next. I definately enjoyed a little true grit this weekend at the Polk County Cattleman's Association's Ranch Rodeo. Since my little sis is away my dad, asked "the other daughter", to help him out this weekend keeping time, registering the contestants and enjoying the Rodeo. My sister and Chad were a huge part of the Rodeo committee and events that my dad directs. I must say, they were big shoes to fill (I admit the high heeled cowboy boots probably weren't the best choice... I was exhausted!) and I so enjoyed seeing my dad in his element...and just how tough these cowboys are. My dad is 50+ (sorry daddy) and still the meanest, toughest SOB I know :-) He broke his pinky finger this weekend when a bull dragged him a few hundred yards across the arena, but you wouldn't know it, since I had to point out to him that his hand looked swollen 2 hours later! I was also glad to see some old friends, Melissa and Adam were there with there four, and my Uncle Ned, Past President of the PCCA was the Rodeo Official. My Aunt and cousins had a booth at the tradeshow, and I am hoping to add some of my Tiger Lily collection at the next event! Jackson was so proud of his Poppa "Duke" a.k.a Fred Waters, his chest literally puffed up when he grabbed him off the bleachers. (My dad's fav actor is John Wayne, the Duke). We all miss my sister and brother so much. On Sundays catch up about the week, but the first 15 minutes is usually just crying. We paid them a special tribute at the event.

Cowgirls are
Humble, knowing this earth and sky are bigger than they and just like the animals with which they play, some things are out of their control.
Confident, loping your horse full blast, hair in the wind, is a freedom like no other and it's then, that you know, you can be anything you want to be.
Tough, we don't whine about breaking a nail or a broken heart. We add a little super glue and get revenge.
Adventurous, living life to the fullest chasing wild horses and even wilder dreams. Spontaneous, for this life is a mere speck of God's total plan.
Spiritual, this is God's country. Respect it, preserve it, cherish it and all who lives on it.
Loyal, to their heritage, their traditions, their loved ones that represent the fabric of their saddles on which they ride.

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