Monday, February 2

One Big Happy Family - you can find me in "da club"

Justin and Company were back by popular demand for his rendition of "You never close your eyes anymore..."

Pop Heimer and the Doc win best dressed. "Hey Dr. *R* - 1980 called, they want their sweater back!"

My happy perfectly dysfunctional family!

My inlaws (yes all four of them!) were in town this past weekend for the PGA (Professional Golf Assoc) show in orlando. This event is huge and my Father in Law and Step-Father in Law (to-be) are both PGA Pro's. Our weekend was hopping. Yes, we are on big dynfunctionally happy family. On Friday night we met with some other Maryland residents, enjoying a break from the snow, at Lake Region Yacht and Country Club. These couples are long time members of Breton Bay Country Club (or as we fondly refer to it, a club in the country) in Leonardtown, MD where Justin grew up. Long time family friends, and our family there at the same rockin party was the highlight of the year for us. We really enjoyed the evening!

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