Tuesday, February 3

PGA: 2009 Merchandise Show

While the new line of ladies golf shoes certainly made me want to dust off my clubs and hit the links, the PGA show in Orlando this weekend was great fun!
These chairs were out of control (as was the price)! Justin and my mother-in-law Debbie were in heaven with the ultimate massage chair. Intended for Country Clubs' men's lockers, where golfers can relax after a long round. They completely encapsulate your entire body with compressed air for the perfect pressure relieving massage. This was a treat, though I doubt Lake Region will be purchasing one anytime soon.

This was a golf shoe booth that scanned your pressure points to determine exact arch support and spine alignment so that your shoes could be custom fit to ensure the lowest scores were posted on the course. One quote that my FIL always repeats comes to mind "it's not the arrow, it's the indian!" (Yes, I have huge feet!)

We ran into Justin's friend that often plays at LRYCC. He is a PGA Tour player and was also checking out the latest and greatest this weekend!

This fabulous that I was able to buy (wholesale!) from a vendor that was packing up, made my day!

This was the PING indoor driving range where they customize clubs and drivers for the golfer's specific swing, ball speed, etc. Justin, of course had to test the newest prototype on the market. His shot here was straight at about 160 yards and the sophisticated techology could even show ball speed... at 107 mph! "nice shot honey!"

Talk about technology! Justin and I enjoyed a day at the PGA show on Saturday and it was truly the mecca for all golf wholesalers, and I even found the most fab hat! Apparell, clubs, golf bags, greens, flags, caddy equipment, even new age golf carts. We had an awesome day together in "paradise" for Justin at least! I didn't mind having a glimpse into his passion, he reminded me that that is how he feels everytime I drag him into Jo-Ann's or Louis Vuitton at the Millenium Mall!

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