Monday, February 9

Nite Golf

Justin and I agree that there just isn't an activity, as fun, as Night Golf. Glow-in--the-dark golf balls, holes and flags, and just the moon's light to guide your way. Fully stocked beverage cart, a suprise air horn (we howled with laughter each time we snuck up on another foursome and blasted the airhorn just as their club hit the Tee!) and a few Skinny Girl Margarita's! I am not sure I have laughed so much in years. We had such a great time. Lake Region and it's members certainly understand the all there is to treasure, with a group of friends where you can let your hair down, rip it and grip it! Let's do it again soon guys!


Cusic Crew said...

u left out a few minor details.. :)

Golf Enthusiast said...

I like playing at night. It allows me to spend a full day in the office and enjoy the game after 5pm.

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