Monday, February 23

It's Friday Night...

T&R Funhouse

After baseball practice on Friday (I know, Friday night, who are these aethesist baseball coordinators? - oh right, my husband!) Jackson his longtime friend Breton stay the night. We took all 3 boys to T&R Funhouse, and had a wonderful time. T&R has become quite the Friday night hotspot with 5 free tokens with every $20 worth, pizza was tasty and they even have massage chairs for parents now! The next morning the boys had been glued to the PS3 for too many hours, so I told them they must go outside and get a little Vitamin C. I set up a fun scavengar hunt for them with clues at each prize point all leading to the top of the playhouse where the pirate's treasure (a green Publix bag) was waiting with their prize - a ton of left over Valentine's candy! ahh - and then time to take Breton back to mom! ha ha - pumped full of sugar and tired. Sorry K- but they had a blast!

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