Monday, September 1

Weekend at Fort Pierce Beach

the boys take cover from the freezing rain

Hurricane Gustav on the Boat's GPS Radar

Well, Gustav's arrival made for tough conditions in the Atlantic, and our scuba diving was no longer an option. We resorted to some pool volleyball and pier fishing on Saturday, but we were all getting a little bored by Sunday and after whining and complaining by his two (albiet slightly-spoiled) stepdaughters, Jimmy caved and took us out on my parents 30 foot open fisherman that they rarely have time to use now-a-days. He agreed to take us on a cruise in the channel, as the inlet and ocean waves were close to 20 feet. So delighted we all loaded in with about 3 bags each (which is also a point of contention, as our husbands cant understand why we need so many items, fo a short boat trip). You guessed, once we were out along comes the next freezing rain ban! No matter what the conditions, however, we always have fun and enjoy. Next my sister and Justin played a cruel joke on Chad and I wil a dead shovel-head shark - let's just say we thought there was an attack! Ahh... memories!

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