Wednesday, September 17

Guitar Hero

After 3 weeks of classes, his Parents (Myself, Justin, Eric & Allison) decided that perhaps our son, Jackson, was serious about this guitar thing. He had practiced, as required and seemed to be passionate and talented enough to further our investment on this endeavor. Mostly, we promised him that if he practiced and held up "his end of the bargin" we owuld buy him his very first musical instrument. Thanks Daddy & Allison! Of course, a second-hand guitar would not due for our "Tuga" and Daddy & Allison bought him this gorgeous six-string that we all love!

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Blaine Morgan said...

I commend you on encouraging his creative urges. I didn't start playing guitar until I was 18... wish I'd started much earlier. Now get him to start writing songs so the royalty checks come rolling in!

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