Thursday, September 4


Our anniversary falling on a busy weekday makes for a tough celebration, but we finally both collasped into our favorite cozy corner table overlooking the lake at the Lake Region Yacht and Country Club. A bottle of champagne and a delicious meal prepared by our wonderful chef Lee Ann. This special dessert was sooo yummy and we totally indulged! Justin and I decided on bikes for each other for a fun family gift to exchange, but we of course, had to exchange something on our special day. Justin sent the most beautiful Tiger Lilies to my office and I came across a unique gift haphazardly in the middle of the day (I have been accused/caught having Megan (office admin) purchase my anniv or b-day cards). So Justin carefully examines my cards and gifts and this time I TOTALLY suprised him. A WCR lunch yesterday our guest speaker was author/former Senator/florida attorney, Rick Dantlzer. He autographed a book for just personalizing a special message about his upcoming journey reading... "To Justin- Leslie wanted you to have this for your trip to the Masters. Be careful on Hole 17. -Rick Dantzler 9/3/08 Happy #2 Love!

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