Friday, November 28

A Big Day

Our biggest Thanksgiving crowd ever, Justin and I were thrilled to have so many pockets of family come to feast together at Horseshoe Lane. We had 20 people for yesterday's celebration and traditional turkey and trimmings menu. The guys left early to get a few fun holes in while the women buzzed around the house setting the tables just so with Big Momma's (Justin late Sicilian Grandmother is quiet a legacy) china and silver, and each preparing their signature dishes. While I was elated that the decision makers in my family agreed to having Thanksgiving at my house, it quickly became clear that all of the menu was already designed and planned without any of my culinary talents necessary!? LOL- al lby design I assure you. I did however, make (1 of 2) turkeys and of course the children's fun craft/placecard holders. I was very proud of my turkey!! Maybe next year, I can attempt a dessert! My family is so special and our tradition requires that (even though akward for newcomers) everyone at the table must say what they are thankful for. Well, you can imagine, the tears were flowing by the 3rd thankful testimony. I love you guys - thanks for another great one!

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