Saturday, November 1

Heimer Haunts

An annual tradition, it started as a "scare zone" and has grown into a full on haunted house, that our neighborhood anticipates each year. After the pot luck dinner and Olson's annual Hay ride, the trick-o-treaters are off! With such gorgeous weather and a Friday Halloween, the stage was perfectly set and the gang did a great job with the house and the haunt, this year. It looked awesome and according to mom's clicker we have over 200 guests that "dared to enter!". Although, I am not sure who has more fun the big kids (us), or the little kids! PS- Dane wasn't coming near the Barney head!


twobigmansandashrimp said...

I must move to Horseshoe Lane :O)
You all have a great neighborhood!

Leslie said...

Thanks jill we do! And we would lovveee it if the Watermelon Queen was here!!

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