Sunday, December 21

Good Cheer

We have been sharing the joy of the season and preparing for the big guy's arrival! Uncle Phillip, Justin's BFF (yes they are totally metro) arrived into town on Wednesday, and the boys were so excited. I just love Phillip, and seeing him and Justin together truly just warms my heart. They are like big 7 year olds that just play video games, golf and wrestle with the real kids in the house. We are glad Phillip will be here for Christmas. He has definately gotten a tast of life in the "crazy house" as my sister calls it, and we have been on the go.

Our teacher gift this year was so great! Creative HR moms made this photo wreath with rolled bills for our teacher. This certainly beats 19 candles or "teacher's have class" ornaments! Mrs. A loved it!

Jackson's 1st Grade class Christmas party

This is our family tree with all of the kids' ornaments and home made ones from all the years, and those passed down from tradition and grandparents. Yes, fragile and irreplaceable. So, you can guess which tree all suddenly fell last week, breaking a number of ornaments... the next day one strand of lights went out on the house - making them all dark. "It's the most wonderful time of the year" - that is what we sing during these moments, you know to avoid an obscenity in front of the children!

Mommy's Tiger Tree

Christmas Tree Lane is actually a combination of streets in my hometown of Bartow, where the houses deck the halls and even Chevy Chase himself can't compare. It is so gorgeous! Horse drawn carriages also take cozy passengers should you choose. My first house after moving home from college was on CTL, and we loved it. On Thursday, our "pop-pop" and 'Mi-Mi" (aka mom and jimmy) took us on a hay ride to see all the gorgeous lights.

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