Monday, December 8

Happy Birthday Dane!

Our celebration of Dane's birthday weekend was absolutley perfect. The boys had a wonderful time and Jackson told me often, that this was "the best weekend of his entire life". When Dane saw Barney up close and personal that wonderment look on his face, mezmorized by the magic of the moment, it literally brought tears to mine and Justin's eyes. We made so many wonderful memories and it was a much needed getaway for the four of us, to reconnect during this hectic time of year. It was pure bliss all weekend, and since we decided to upgrade to annual passes we plan to enjoy both parks a lot more. We stayed at the Royal Pacific hotel which made both days much more relaxing. The gorgeous hotel is at Universal Studios so we could simply walk back to the room when the boys needed a rest or nap (or when mom and dad wanted to watch the gator game and enjoy a drink!)and then headed back to the park for the extrordinary holiday parade. The room key doubles as your fast pass in both Universal and Islands of Adventure, so not only a money saver, but saved tons of time. Both parks were great we loved the Macy's Christmas parade, the perfect weather, the Barney Show, Grinchmas (this was the very first weekend of this new debut program and it was awesome), Who-ville and Cat and the Hat, Jurassic park (Jackson was obsessed with the Egg Scan) The Hulk, Superheros, Shrek, Spongebob - what a blast!

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The Newell Family said...

What an amazing Mommy you are! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the birthday fun! Dane is one lucky birthday boy!

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