Tuesday, March 16

For Seasons

My new communitty is a lovely one!  I was recently invited to be on the Board of Directors for the Breton Bay Civic Association where we maintain and protect the Breton Bay Beach & Pier, facilitate community social events and overall support our neighborhood beautification.  Breton Bay is made up of a number of smaller neighborhoods totalling to over 350 homes in the community.  The residents here are active outdoor lovers, a mix of young families and some long time residents that can remember this great area when the Breton Bay Golf Clubhouse was at Old Breton Inn.  My family and I have so enjoyed getting to know our new community and here are a few of our favorite seasonal things!

Hole #1 in the Summer

Hole #1 in the Winter (a.k.a. the sledding hill!)

Summer, Fall & Winter... watching the change in the seasons is something I have enjoyed
so much here and now you can see the signs of Spring.  New grass growing and wildflowers beginning to sprout. Just like on a Bambi-ish movie... we counted 9 deer, and 4 bunny rabbits in our backyard (below) this weekend.  Having lived in FL my whole life, experiencing the seasons is...well... a breath of fresh air!
things are already beginning to bloom for Spring!

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