Monday, March 1

Counting Calories (and fat, and fiber, oh my!)

I am on a diet... wow, shocker right I have been since I was like 9 i think!?!  Well in trying to shed my February Fifteen that crept right up my thighs from holiday season right on through being snowed in for 2 weeks, I have joined a long time friend of mine, weight watchers.  Weight watchers saw me through post partum of both my children and will now help me get back on track after this latest life change (relocation across  the country!).  
I am a planner. I love planning events and in fact make a living that way! In addition, I am always attracted to shiny, glossy glittery accessories.  My points tracker is an attractive metallic and the interactive online tools are like Facebook for Watchers.  The meetings are nothing short of a healthy recipie swap and I also enjoy thos eand meeting other moms often in the same situation! 

I thought I would share some of the "cheat sheets" on the most notorious diet sabateurs:
All liquor is about the same, 1 ounce/shot = 2 pnts
My go to drink has always been vodka with diet tonic and 2 limes.

Best Beer for your point tracking Bang:
Select 55
Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 (MGD 64)
Becks Premier Light

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