Tuesday, February 22

Kick Them Nasty Thoughts

Top & Skirt: Banana Republic
Scarf: Gap
Belt: Macy's
Boots: Kohls

I heard the most upsetting report today. Recent study conducted by GLAMOUR magazine found that the majority of women 'hate' their bodies. While my body is not the model-esque figure that I admittedly often pine over, I was [somewhat] shocked to hear the results of this study reporting that women hate their body and have, on average, 13 negative body thoughts daily. With over 97% of women reporting that they have "I hate my body" moments daily, and girls as young as 6 years old already unhappy with their physical appearance.

The subject matter expert noted that women have trained themselves to be this way. “Neuroscience has shown that whatever you focus on shapes your brain. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts about your body, that neural pathway becomes stronger—and those thoughts become habitual,” explained Keary-Cooke.

The best way to end this self induced abuse? STOP. Just stop those negative thoughts the minute the begin to creap up.  Neurons that fire together wire together, continually dwelling in this negative space can create real body image issues.  So, here is to celebrating the curves, skin, hair, lips, nose, toes and everything in between that makes you beautiful!  This is one of the reasons I remix. To face my fears about plump thighs or chubby knees.  To express myself in creative ways and put it out there loud and proud. Girlfriends unite - tell your sistas how beautiful they are!

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