Sunday, February 20

Second Shift Saturday

All moms are 'working' moms.  Whether they work outside the home, or are the CEO of the house (and laundry, and kids, and education, and finances, and, and [you get the picture!]).   I often refer to the latter duties as the second shift, the work that begins after the day job.  Moms never get a lunch break or a day off.  So this post is dedicated to that labor of love.  The Saturdays that consist of grocery shopping, basketball games, birthday parties, and laundry (consecutively).  The Saturdays that start with a long list of fun sewing projects and crafting ideas that are abandoned when your son wants to shoot some hoops with you outside or remembers he has a science project due on Monday. Funny thing is, it is this work that brings us so much joy.  Through the chaos is an exciting adventure where the four of us are holding hands and diving in. The fleeting moments of magic are like twine wrapped around my sweet little family, that makes us in this thing together

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