Saturday, February 5

Smug Saturday

Gap skinny cords in Cafe 
evie cardigan in Oatmeal
Simply Vera sweater White
JCP Belt
Cole Hann Boots Chocolate
Lana patent clutch White

a typical Saturday touring the town from birthday parties, shopping (only the grocery variety) basketball game and a fundraising dinner tonight.  This monochrome look was easily dressed down or up today with a change of shoes. 

I just love the errands and Saturday family day when the husband (love him) joins in the fun!  So often it is only the kids and I (b/c husband is working; Saturdays are big lesson days for aspiring golfers) dad misses the excitment {utter chaos} of what it is like to shop with two little ones, and maintain any sanity for the day.  Insert blatantly smug smirk here. 

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