Monday, February 14

Be Mine

Hot Pink Top: Banana Republic
Boots: Cole Hann
Cheetah Skirt: JCPenney 
Skirt...well  I picked this little treasure up on the sale rack at JCP and then saw it in my Feb copy of Family Circle.  Now, I enjoy this mag for the recipes, parenting tips, etc not necessarily for the avant garde fashion (can you say mom jeans?). That said I am still rocking the mom cheetah skirt, because, well it's mine, I HAD IT FIRST!

What a 'lovely' (clever, I know) Valentine's Day!  My favorite, tulips, were delivered to me at the office. Of course all the girls swooned, but I assured them that my cabinets are full of vases from floral deliveries from the many years of being married to a Professional Golfer. ...(he is in trouble a lot!).  My husband travels and many times during the in-season, I am a single mom.  Golf torchers my family which you can read more about at my Golf Widow Blog (more active in the warmer months). While no marriage or individual is perfect, I feel so blessed that God has blessed my marriage. 
I am having the time of my life with the love of my life.

Special thank you to my in-laws for babysitting 2 little boys on a chocolate high while Mom and Dad enjoyed a romantic Italian dinner at Digiovanni's on the bay.  Oh, did I mention that my 8-year old shared his first real Valentine's crush?  He made a special Valentines for an adorable cutie pie in his class that read "I think you're neat."  This is where mommy's heart broke a little, they grow up too too fast!

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