Saturday, March 5

Remix Review

In the Winter of 2009, I documented my daily style journey and took part in part in the 30 for 30 remix challenge.  It was a fun journey that taught me a lot about my personal style and making your wardrobe go farther.  
Here's how it worked: remix the contents of your closet by taking 30 items and remix only those items into 30, (hopefully) stylish outfits.

The whole point of the remix is to show use creativity with what is currently in your closet.  No shopping or running to the boutique for a new peice for a big meeting, or event...just me and my creativity! 
 The best part of remixing is working with what you’ve got. This is a challenge to help you learn to shop your closet and to shop smartly. By being well-versed in what you already have, you will become a better shopper.  Over 300 bloggers will join in this concept with fashion blogger Kendi - 

Her Rules
1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.
2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.
3. Don't shop for 30 days.
   -learn to shop your own closet and appreciate what is already in it!  
4. Accessorize to create new looks...What counts as an accessory? Scarves, jewelry, purses, tights, etc.

Frankly I (we all?) could use a dose of grattitude and aprpeciation for what we have! This is a spiritual style journey my friends...isn't fashion so moving!?

Here is my recap:

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