Friday, April 1

Blue Jean

Don't the perfect pair of blue jeans make you feel all warm and cozy inside?  My sister's name is LuJean, and growing up we sometimes called her Blue Jean, and would 'jam-out' to the song "Blue Jean, baby queen, prettiest girl I ever seen", maybe that's why blue jeans makes my heart smile. 

I have such wonderful childhood memories with my one and only, baby sister.  We grew up in our blue jeans. Riding horses, exploring my parent's sprawling cattle ranch, playing pretend and riding 4-wheelers for hours and hours.  Just her and, I on an adventure that no one else knew about.  She and I were inseparable and have been best friends our whole lives. We are both 'grown ups' now and still love our blue jeans on the weekends, sharing secrets, giggling in our secret language, and supporting each others' dreams like no one else can.

I thought of my sister when I bought this adorable denim dress! Besides denim being ultra comfy and versatile, I love this trend because, let's face it - I can't get enough of my Blue Jean.

Dane is the youngest of my two boys.  Now I get to watch them make memories. There is nothing sweeter than watching them play outside or explore the woods together, sharing their special bond as brothers their lifetime adventure.

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