Monday, May 16

Work Gloves not White Gloves

This weekend was a busy one for The Glam Mom. My husband and I organized a charity golf tournament to benefit Father Andrew White School that was a big success! Heimer Golf & Assoc (hubs) was a key to its success with over 120 golfers and a ton of work. Luckily, we had beautiful weather and fun day on the course. And, oh...did I mention I had the cutest golf outfit with matching gloves? Right... that really made my day (in addition to the money we raised :-)  On Saturday I slipped on another pair of gloves  for a little gardening.  I just love how plants and flowers dress up the deck and  outdoor living spaces. I am totally addicted to Frontgate and Ballard Designs at the moment, and have magazine clippings saved for inspiration.  That inspiration translated to an over-budget visit to Meadows Farms Sunday afternoon, but the outcome is gorgeous!

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