Friday, September 30

First Lady Style

I am a big fan of the First Lady.  She is the ultimate 'Glam Mom': runs errands, nurtures her children, handles her business, and still finds time to volunteer or coach the kids' soccer.  That is the elegance and glamour that us Moms are proud of at the end of long and selfless day. 

I was delighted to see that Michelle O browsed the discount isles of Target in VA, and in a comfy cotton top, that I too have hanging in my closet (what I can I say? the lady's got great taste)!  Real style does not come from labels or price tags
In fact, I've got a little secret...

This top that I blogged about back in June is from none other than Old Navy!  I'm pretty sure I didn't pay more than $12.00!  


Leslie said...

That. is. awesome! I would love to have something that the First Lady also has in her closet! 

Leslie said...

M'obama is one of my favs. LOVE THIS!

Leslie said...

That is so awesome! Ha!  Hey, great minds think alike!   I'm loving your blog, btw. :)

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