Saturday, January 21

Sometimes only a classic will do.

Girlfriends come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and geographical locations. I am blessed with many amazing women in my life who I feel privileged to call a girlfriend. Though sometimes, only a classic will do.  In  the past 2 years my long time girl friends and I have all been transplanted like little blossoming flowers from Wyoming to Kentucky - Maryland to Florida.  I miss them dearly, but it certainly makes for interesting getaways, and an even better sisterhood of the traveling...everything!  To make sure we don't miss out on the clothes swaps that we used to enjoy on any given Saturday, we enjoy a shipping label or 4 throughout the year. Especially generous is my dear friend *L* who recently abandoned the corporate world for a life better spent in martini-splashed domestic bliss! [can you hear the dripping jealousy?].  

Lucky for me!  Her gorgeous designer labeled suits have found a good home in MD! 

The second cool factor about a *L* is her new home in Lexington, KY.  After a couple of visits, I fell in love with this booming city where horses and Ralph Lauren alike, must go for inspiration.   The outfit I styled today has made me think of my beloved friend all day. Somewhat, because the pants and top are hers. Mostly, because her graceful, fun style and personality are part of who I am today. She is my classic. She is my home. 


WendyGM said...

Love this post! And of course you!!

Leslie said...

You are 100% a seriously glam mom! We ADORE your blog! So happy to have found it! And your banner above is just incredible. It's all too cute (and chic!)..xo from NYC!

ox,-Davie+EricaWardrobe Stylists, NYC.

Leslie said...

What a sweet compliment! thanks so much for stopping by!

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