Sunday, July 13

USTA 2008 Regional Championship

LR 2.5 Ladies Tennis Team
(pictured L to R: Jennifer Myers, Leslie Heimer, Lisa Pearce,
Fancis Rosa, Susan Dantzler, not pictured Traci Prati)

The Lake Region Yacht & Country Club ladies' tennis team took home 2nd in the Region this weekend at the USTA Finals in Daytona Beach. We were thrilled to have advanced so far and enjoyed the experience of the event. We lost in a final round to the Orlando ladies who played tough. Congratulations guys! I am so proud of our team - we rocked the courts! And we may not have taken home 1st - but we were totally the cutest!!!! In typical Tiger family tradition, we packed up the kids and kitchen sink and made it a fun family weekend. Justin and I rented a roomy Cabana at the Hilton Beachside in Daytona and enjoyed sun & surf, and the boys even watched a couple of mommy's matches (it was quite a reverse of roles for Justin to manage the kids while MOMMY was in an intense tourney!!) The waves were HUGE this weekend and we had a wonderful time. My boys are the best and I could have never done it without them there with me... maybe I am the sporty type after all!?!

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Anonymous said...

Well i would almost like to congratule you on your tennis finish but i then think about the beating you were handed in the state of Maryland by Team G

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