Friday, July 18

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

We've been wonder-ing whether or not our boys have a sweet tooth?
You think?! Saturday night we enjoyed the Snow crab leg buffett (yeah with Justin, its a bargain for all of us!) We allowed Jackson to help himself to the dessert bar, and he did just that. Returning with a mountain of swirled soft-serve (which of course he was in trouble for wastefulness at the time) but we just had to laugh. When on Friday afternoon, I rounded the corner to find Dane devouring the cupcakes intended for the high metabolic teenage girls that babysat while we enjoyed a little adult time at The House of Blues. I feel like I must disclose that we are not typically a junk-food family :-) Perhaps Grandma is right however, depriving them of certain treats makes them feel as though, when available, they have to overindulge!
Our annual Heimer/Heimer family vacation began this week and my brave husband headed to Myrtle Beach this past Tuesday with two 6-year olds in tow. Jackson brought a friend this year, Breton, who is more like a brother, so we felt confident the boys could handle the long trip and time away from home. Due to a busy schedule Mom and Dane caught s flight out on Thursday evening and joined the rest of the Heimers in an adorable cottage on Myrtle Beach. Ahhh, how i love summer and of course as Travel Agents were are officially working, previewing properties, rating resturants and experiencing the area! We vacation here each year as Justin and his Dad participate in the National Father & Son Tournament, competing against over 400 father/son combinations. Of course, Tiger Lily Designs had to create the perfect swim cover-ups for the Heimer girls! (see below)

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