Monday, July 28

Weekends are made for...

fun & relaxation! Being away from home so often makes staying local, so wonderful! Justin and I often say how much we LOVE the daily grind of our "normal" lives, because that is so rare. I couldn't wait to sleep in and read the paper, sew, play by the pool and just enjoy the kids with no fuss. I even baked a yummy sugar free, low carb cheescake! (see below for recipie, no bad being guilt-free). On Saturday night, we finally watched my Dad enjoy his weekend passion, at the Rodeo where his team took first place in roping and heeling. My dad is a dieing breed and a real life American Cowboy. My sister and I grew up on a ranch learning all about hard work and all that this tremendous earth has to offer when mother nature is respected. I am so proud of our heritage, and the legacy of my family of 5 generations of Florida natives. For those of you interested in the Florida Cattleman and the history of our state, a great read is a book entitled Bones Mizelle. A non-fiction about those settling here and my great (great) grandfather!
On Sunday we shared a relaxing afternoon on the Lake and Dane enjoyed his first jet ski ride! We also innovated the new double-tie-tube experience, which was great fun (sort of like bumper tubes) Is it just me, or is there some comfort in the late afternoon, summer lighting storms? You guessed it, the sky broke loose and the thunder rattled the windows while over 4 inches of rain fell. We headed home to find firetrucks on our street from an apprarent lighting strike. No cable or internet, and a few busted pipes, and the pool completely overflowing... ahh so much for a relaxing weekend. Such is life in sunny Florida. My dad used to say, one thing you can depend on about the weather in Florida... it's gonna change!

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