Sunday, September 7


I did my best to drag myself away from the live scoring online (especially when I realized that my blackberry would update efficiently!). I spent the weekend working on JL stuff and preparing for iur first official meeting which included a "commercial shoot" at the Wine Bar for our Santa's Merry Market event in late November. Saturday morning was Jackson's first Theatre class at the Winter Haven Theatre Academy and he seemed to enjoy - he is such a ham and I thought a little structure and poise to his "material" would be good. He has classes once a week which eng with a Holiday performance. The focus of the cirriculum is to make them comfortable in their own skin and being in front of an audience. The kids and I enjoyed lunch at Tiawana Flats with the Moore girls and then we walked over for a frozen treat at marble slab.
Soooo.. As I said I did my best to get on with the business of the weekend and away from the website as my nerves can barely take following justin's score hole by hole. And here it is, 5:30pm their time, and we are still on pins and needles waiting to see right where the cut line will fall. Needless to say, Justin didn't do as well as he had hoped, but he is right on the cut line, so we wait with anxious anticipation.

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