Saturday, September 6

The write up in today's paper notes

Heimer Tries Hand at Mid-Amatuer. visit for full story!
Justin's Bag ID (above picture from his camera phone) is gorgeous with his name engraqved. Justin is impressed with the tournament and the facilities. He is missing his little guys and described the family-friendly events coordinated for players' families. Player's families recieved a 5 day pass to all surrounding YMCA's as well as special priveldges at the Country Club of play. So exciting that the USGA has become more family-friendly and realizes that many players have families at home and it is often difficult for them to have to leave their families during tournament or on tour. We often travel with Justin, but it is a challenege and can be distratcing for him (though he would never say so). However, WHEN Justin makes it to the finals WE ARE ALL GOING!!! Good Luck my Justin - today's the day!

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