Monday, September 29

I finally got a little girl!

After our beloved German Shepard, Fierro, moved to Maryland with his grandpa (he became too overprotective when Dane was born) Jackson and Justin have been pining for a k-9 companion. Dane simply LOVES dogs and goes crazy whenever we see one. We have been lamenting over the decision, however, another responsibility, etc. We finally decided that when raising boys a dog is simply a right of passage, and will teach the kids about responsibility and all life's lessons that come from your very own pet. My sister, the animal advocate, of course refuses anyone in our family to buy from a breeder and we have been scoping out the Winter Haven Humane Society. Justin and Jackson made one more trip Saturday afternoon and when their eyes met, we knew she was the one. I was so excited that she is a girl, at least I have something to dress up. And yes, for the big Washington Redskins game against the Dallas Cowboys, I did just that. Here is Stella Chanel Heimer in her Redskins Cheerleading Outfit. She is so sweet with a great disposition and the boys love her, and she just follows my toddling Daners all over the house, he just howls with excitement!

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