Monday, September 29

The Redskins Victorious 26-24

A longtime rival, Washington and Dallas is a fun game at my office. Longtime friends Billy and KC Cusic, (actually introduced Justin and I, as BIlly is also from St. Mary's County, MD) enjoy a bi-annual rilvary as both families take turn hosting the football party each time these teams play. Always a fun time, the kids all have so much fun and get to be rambunctious. All our families and friends come over for the entertainment of watching Billy and Justin. These guys are VERY competitive in everything they do whether it be our 6 year olds' (Jackson & Breton) Tball games, golf, ping pong they are absolute fanatics and of course, we all love the pranks. The "games" began last Monday with the special deliivery to the office attn: Justin. There were 2 longstem roses, except without the roses and enclosed in the card was a tissue signed, "get ready, sniff sniff". We retaliated with a lifesize Tony Romo complete with a Jersey, helmet, number, and arrow through the chest that dangled by a noose from the tree in the Cusic's front yard. The boys' bet was that the loser had to wear thongs (with the opposing team's logo) to work the entire next week. Have a great one Billy!! Sweet Victory!

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