Monday, October 13

Family Traditions

We enjoyed a relaxed Waters family reuinion this weekend. With busy schedules it is a testament when families make time to renew their relationships and pinch the chubby cheeks of the sweet kids that "have grown up so fast!" It is always amazing to see how big each new cousin has gotten and enjoy their company, catching up, and renewing the ties that bind. Hosted at Ned & Rhonda Waters' gorgeous home and sprawling property was a treat for the kids. Since my grandmother Waters passed away and then losing my Aunt Jerry (Jerry Lynn Waters Langford) to cancer and then my cousin Crystal Waters Carmichael, it seems as though much of our time in the past years has been spent grieving. Fortunately, for our family, my Aunt Rhonda has been the glue. Christmastime traditions and those throughout the year, have been sprinkled with her special touch. She made halloween goodie bags for the kids and had a pumpkin painting station. She decided on painting pumpkins instead of carving; may not be the best activity, kids with knives...nsm! The rich history and traditions that both Justin's and my families are blessed with. The food ia always yummy. Pictured above is a delicious homemade guava cake with cream cheese icing and Dane couldn't get enough homemade ice cream!

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