Wednesday, October 15

It's the little things

I just had to share this adorable parenting lifesaver, a.k.a kid's coupon book that our son looks forward to each day, after a good report from his teacher. This small reward (which is usually a minimal act or token) is something our whole family enjoys doing, as it brings our family closer and forces us to remember the little joys in life, like picking out what is for dinner on Friday, an extra 5 minutes of storytime, or a standing ovation each time the recipient enters the room (that one is so fun!). The book is from the Hallmark Gift books collection. I purchased it at CVS for $5.95, and it has been such a treasure. The anticipation is so exciting and the coupon themselves are just fun. Jackson is eager to share his report from school and rarely forgets his chance at the coupon draw. P.S. they also have them for lovers which of course I couldn't resist. They are great to leave in J's golf bag every now and then!

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