Thursday, October 9

gamblers anonymous

The rumors are true, despite the number of times you may have seen Justin pulling up at the McDonalds drive thru. We do strive to achieve a healthy diet. Well, at least the kids and I do. Justin actually gets so much more exercise, on the course, that 6 to 10 double cheesburgers a week is a wash (keep telling yourself that honey-) he can afford a few indulgences. Recently, when J called me, minutes after leaving Mickey D's to announce what was "the most exciting news ever", even I had a small sparkle of hope. Given the current economic crises coupled with my husband's eating habits, McD's monopoly couldn't have come at a better time! We've all been through times in our life where the palette's standards must waiver a bit to rise to the occasion... and my hubby, has been loving some double cheese burgers with a large unsweet tea. Not that his palette isn't discerning - no, no - it's a simple cost/benefit analysis. He certainly can decipher the good, the bad, and the sushi, but there isn't much that can compete with the 99 cents menu.
What do you think about the monopoly game? Wanna go a round or combine pieces? If not just bring your peices to 950 1st Street, Ste 103, Winter Haven, FL for recycling. Gambling and fast food, you gotta love this country.

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