Monday, October 6

Duty Done

I tried to fight the panic that began to set in Sunday night when the pre-recorded message listed my number to report this morning for Jury Duty. After a little fit noting the typical "i have so much to do, there is no way I can be "out" rant, I decided to embrace my civic duty and the judicial system that is such a privelege in our country. I even began to get a bit excited. Having taken a few criminology courses in college while on my (1st of 4 changes in major) track for a law degree, I was certain that I was going to make an impact. After a long (and I mean long!) day of n-o-t-h-i-n-g but sitting and waiting, my panel (a # I was assigned) was released to leave at 4pm. So my big day left me with this profound understanding. WHAT IN THE HELL WOULD I HAVE DONE WITHOUT MY BLACKBERRY? (although, i may have to conceed that the iphone may be the better device as my thumb is literally raw from the roller ball.)

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