Monday, October 6

Happy Anniversary

To our secret family weapon! Our Nanny, a.k.a "Gran-nan" is such an important member of our family,and is our glue behind the scenes, allowing Justin and I to keep all of the balls in the air, while she handles the most important job. Gnan came into our lives last October, when my infant son had been in childcare for a 5 week stint of soul wrenching separation anxiety, numerous ear infections, and more antibiotics than I care to think about. Like many families we knew that we could cut out other expenses and would figure out a way to afford what was no longer a luxury but a necessity. This was certainly the best decision we could have made for our busy family and my youngest son that already suffered from a weakend immune system, and asthma, due to premature birth. Our Gran Nan is such a blessing and our lives would not be complete without her. She truly loves both of our boys as if they were her own and is like a mother to both Justin and I. Our families call her the modern-day Mary Poppins. She is always as neat as a pin in appearence and mannerisms and keeps our home so tidy and warm and everything goes down with a spoon full of sugar. Having Granan not only gives us peice of mind that the boys are loved, cared for but allows us to actually enjoy them and make the most of our quality time. In the evenings we can roll on the floor (elbow drops and monkey piling is a family fav), read a book, or play a game without the distractions of housework and laundry and errands all of the things that would normally devour our precious quality time. As a working mother with that frequent creeping guilt, she is my secret super power. Thank you Nan, for completing us and for all that you do may seem to go unnoticed... because it doesn't!


LuJean said...

How sweet this made me cry, Gra-Nan is the sweetest of the world!

Leslie said...

i know we are so lucky to have our nanners!

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