Sunday, October 5

I guess that's just the cowboy in me

We enjoyed the Silver Spurs rodeo Saturday night, in Kissimmee. My dad is the event coordinator and what an event it was! Jackson had a blast and the bucking broncos and wild horse race was wildly entertaining! An air conditioned gorgeous arena, concessions and even orginal art and retail for sale, what a fun time for families. Jackson participated in the boot scramble and of course loved seeing Aunt weeble (above signing an autograph for a fan), Uncle Chad and the gang. My Uncle Ned is a brilliant artist and his paintings were featured at the Heritage Days event preceeding the rodeo. ... and of course, no event is complete without the perfect ensemble, with the new "Justin" hat,and his snug jeans, my golfer was a cowboy for the night, and let me be the first to say: "cowboy butts, drive 'em nuts"!


Scott, Jenn and Anna said...

Hey Leslie! Didn't know you had a blogspot =) I am new to this "blogging world". Now I can keep updated with you and your awesome family. Keep in touch...Jenn

LuJean said...

Thanks for the kuddos and cant wait to see more pictures from the rodeo!

Leslie said...

will definately laod more on the old FB. Sis, you knou it is a requirement that you start one in the C.I
Jenn, what is your blogspot adress?

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