Wednesday, October 29

Start a "Boo" In Your Neighborhood

The air is cool the season fall, soon Halloween will come to all. The spooks are
after things to do--in fact, a spook brought this to you. “BOO” is a shield from
witching hour, just hang it up and watch its power. On your front door is where it
works, it wards off spooks and scary jerks. The treats that came with crypted
note, are yours to keep, enjoy them both. The power comes when friends like you, will copy this and make it TWO. Then others here among our friends, will give warm fuzzies that do not end. We’ll all have smiles upon our faces, no one will know who “BOO”ed whose places. Just one short day to work your spell, or a big ZAP will strike your tail. And don’t forget a nifty treat, like something cute or something sweet. Please join fun, let’s really hear it--and spread some “BOO”s and Halloween spirit.

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